Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Taste in My Mouth from Job Services day 237

What can I say about Job Services. I was met at the door by a man missing most of his teeth, with a 5 day growth of stubble on his chin in a dirty and torn plaid shirt and jeans. This was the director of the Job Services Office - This guy was going to help me refine my resume and find a job . . . Yah right. He sent me to an overweight girl who was dressed in a too small top that allowed rolls of belly flab to be seen, a tattered skirt, and flip flops. Oh and she was also covered in tattoos. She had most of her teeth but her stringy hair hadn't seen a comb or shampoo in many weeks. She was going to help with my retraining. For what? Hooker?

This was not a successful visit.

Hello, Governor of Wisconsin - This will never work.


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