Monday, October 03, 2005

Staffing Services

Ah the staffing services. After my adventure with the Job Services office I trotted down to the Staffing Agency. I know, I'm not a secretary but they have other jobs there. A lovely bunch of motivated HR people - unlike Job Service, they only get paid when I do. They took all my measurements: Typing - 50 wpm or better with 0 mistakes; Software mastery of - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access; Thinking ability - solving complex problems and moral issues in the workplace; IT certifications; Resume evaluation - mine was stellar after having been worked on for 7 months.

After all this and assessing that I was at the top of the candidate heap as far as skills are concerned. They offered me a position with a fortune 500 company answering phones in customer service. The job is for one week and one day and pays $20 a week more than unemployment that is 40% of my old salary. I am now a working poor. But I am working - for a few more days.

The job? Well it's just what you think, after a day of training I started on the phones. Frustrated people call up with machines that don't work, billing problems, or just angry with their sales rep who calls but never shows up. I'm in a room with 300 other customer service reps who are all taking the same kind of call. Part of this department was recently outsourced to the Philippians so I also get calls from angry customers that jobs have been outsourced. It's a long day but most of the people on the phones are happy to hear a sympathetic voice on the phone who speaks English. Friday was my last day. They did wonder if I would stay on but I had to turn them down, the drive was 30 miles one way and the pay just wasn't ever going to be good enough. Back to searching.


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