Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Day 238 Still Searching

This is a letter to all those workers who are about to join the unemployed.

Fellow Sufferers:

When they let you go they will tell you how sorry they are, it's not personal, it's a business decision and that you will land on your feet with an even better job and a brighter future than the one you are leaving. Don't believe them! The truth is this: You are now entering the Twilight Zone. You are neither alive or dead and you are invisible to the world around you. Your first step is to become un-invisible. The experts will tell you to write you resume and you should probably gather some notes on what you have been doing but you are not ready to write a valid resume at this time. You are in shock and you are mad and you feel worthless. You need to DO something positive. So volunteer for something right after you apply for unemployment. It won't find you a job but you will become visible and you will feel better about yourself. This is important because you are in for a long haul as far as the job search goes. Good Luck

No for those employer's who post ads for jobs they don't intend to fill. I'm going to name a few so my fellow job hunters can avoid you.

All Lift
School Specialty Supply
JJ Keller

If you know of other companies that belong on this list, please feel free to add them to this blog.

I don't say this without cause. All Lift has been looking to fill the same position for 6 months. They have gone through all the staffing agencies, spend thousands on print ads, interviewed many and made no decisions.

Plexus has contacted and interviewed many of my fellow unemployed. They interview many times, dangle carrots and then make offers that are insulting. They have then, in some cases, rescinded the offer.

West has the worst record. They post positions, interview from outside and hire from within. In many cases the interview is a waste of time because they already know who will fill the position. I personally have interviewed for them 5 times. Each time the position was filled from within and in one case I interviewed for the same position twice, their internal candidate couldn't do the job!

School Specialty Supply is the same as All Lift. The same positions are posted for months at a time and never filled.

JJ Keller is a revolving door. They advertise, hire, and fire all in a span of months. They do not retain employees and are always advertising for more.

Banta is a cross between Plexus and JJ Keller.

Here's a tip. When you are searching for a job, check all the job postings for each company you are interested in. If they have lots of openings and they have been open for a long time, this company is not serious about hiring. Attractive as it may look, don't waste your time, skip them and move on to more committed employers. But keep them as potential employer's as far as the Unemployment Office is concerned. Send them a resume every now and again just for fun but don't invest any real time with them.


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