Friday, October 02, 2009

As Bill Clinton learned – It’s the Economy Stupid. Obama wake up!

As Bill Clinton learned – It’s the Economy Stupid. Obama wake up!

How long do we believe in the dream? “I bring change you can believe in.” Candidate Obama
I don’t believe in the dream or the change anymore. Unemployment is at 9.8% and climbing. The stimulus that was passed, without being read by anyone in congress, has done nothing to stop this horrific hemorrhage of prosperity. How can we continue to spend spend spend when we are bleeding tax revenue.
In 2008 there were 138 million taxpayers. The 9.8% unemployment translates to 12.2 million workers collecting unemployment instead of paying taxes. 5.4 million workers have been out of work for over 26 weeks. The U.S National Average Wage Index puts the average wage in 2008 at $39K or $750.00 per week. We are bleeding $9,150,000,000 (Nine Billion, One Hundred Fifty Million – a really big number) in income to families, not to mention the taxes we are not getting and the unemployment benefits we are paying out.

Numbers tend to put things in perspective. How can the President ignore this. We don’t need any more legislation other than legislation that creates jobs. Get out of the way of the job creation engine and bring this country back to prosperity. If I were the President I would be working 24/7 to find that engine and get it going. I would not be giving speeches, flying here and there, spending money, or going on Letterman.  To put this simply, Do Your Job!


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