Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Tuesday Morning O.M.G.I.G.T.F.A.J. Meeting

Another Tuesday and time for the "Oh My God I Got To Find A Job" meeting. These meetings are an assembliage of other Corporate Rejects. The purpose is to encourage your fellow losers to find a job and not jump off a building (looks bad for the company that dumped them). What they turn into is weekly gripe sessions. Let's just lay it out there - these meetings are down right depressing. What is more depressing is knowing that there are local, regional, state and national chapters of the OMGIGTFAJ!

Employer: What have you been doing during the last year and a half after you were downsized?
Interviewee: I was treasurer for the state chapter of the OMGIGTFAJ.

Sounds so professional! Anyway I'm going to be late for my local chapter meeting of the OMGIGTFAJ.


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