Sunday, December 23, 2012

Grandmothers and Cleanliness - A lesson to learn

This is going to date me, but both of my Grandmothers never donned a pair of pants in their lives. Each day they would rise, put on their foundation garment (girdle) seamed stockings, heals, slip and dress. The dresses were Lantz and purchased at Marshall Fields. This was the attire to do house work in.  They didn't come out of their bedroom until they were dressed, with their hair perfectly quaffed and face powdered with just a touch of lipstick.

The house was always clean, nothing was left out after each day. The dishes were done, the counters wiped, the table set for breakfast. Dusting was done each day as was vacuuming and sweeping. The solution used to wipe down counters, door knobs, light switches and any other surface hands came in contact with was bleach and water. Soap and clean towels were at each sink. Laundry was done each Saturday, with the clothes hung on the line winter and summer. There was an ordered cleanliness to life.

At trip to the store required the addition of pearls, earrings, bracelets and gloves. I still have a box of my Grandmothers white gloves, some fancy and many for every day wear. This may be why they were seldom sick. They put on white gloves to leave the house and their face was powdered. Their hands were covered and the gloves never touched their face.  Next time you go shopping make a mental note of all the things you touch and how ofter you touch your face, it's scary.

If the occasion was dressy, like Church a hat was added and the dress included a jacket, no bare arms allowed. Their posture was erect, most likely caused by the stiff foundation garment. After Church only gloved hands were shook and coffee drunk with gloves on. These ladies lived well into their 90's with few health issues. Maybe we should take a page from their book? Something to think about


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