Thursday, September 17, 2009

Corporations - In the Business of Health Care and Life

Health care is a big topic of discussion this summer. Hysteria, lies, accusations, name calling and if throwing the kitchen sink would help, that too. We know insurance companies are in the business of cutting costs and they are not doing it in a kind or decent way. If you want to know what the abuses are, just ask a sick person, or someone who lost their job because they were sick. There are lots of examples. The system we have now is neither efficient nor kind. People are kind, corporations are not.

We are not making any progress in the debate. Congress is writing bill after bill each one worse than the rest. I think this is due to a basic lack of understanding of the core problem. We are a generous nation to everyone else but ourselves. We will go anywhere and help if help is needed. But we have come to feel we don’t deserve to be cared for. We have some crazy idea we can take care of ourselves. You’ve heard people say: “I never go to the doctor, just take an aspirin and I’m right as rain.” This just shows how little we think of ourselves. We have a high regard for everyone else but ourselves and that has to change. There are people who are actually trying to put a value on the quality of life. You can’t quantify a life at any stage, only the creator has that option.

So how do we fix this? The first thing we do is learn as much as we can. Washington will be of no help here. Lobbyists are dropping tens of millions of dollars to protect their interests. The Congress and President are in their pocket and are doing the Washington two step. Talk radio is just as corrupt and the news media is on vacation. We need to take this in steps and the first step is to resolve that we, as an enlightened people, must make health care available to everyone, even ourselves. Everyone who sets foot on our soil, without regard to nationality, age or status, must be cared for. That is not a popular thought, but life is sacred and we have an obligation as our brother's keeper to safeguard that life. The second is to come to the realization that Life can not have a value placed on it. Each minute of every life is as valuable as every other minute of every other life. Once we embrace and understand this concept we, as a people, will know the right course of action for this country. We have a big job ahead of us. Call your congressman and let them know you want them to agree with you that health care is a right, not a privilege, life can not have a value placed on it, every minute of every life is precious, beyond value and must be protected at all costs.