Monday, January 25, 2010

The Sausage Factory

This is a script idea for a movie, book or play.  
The Sausage Factory.

Plot line

Opening scene.

• Beautiful home (use Hutch’s home)

• Mother, Betty Fine Father John Fine and two children one boy Matt Fine one girl Patty Fine: all pretty. Children are 15 and 10. There is one dog Gus, a golden retriever and one cat Tuna an orange tabby.

• Daughter Patty is on the phone with her boy friend Paul Mission

• Son Matt is playing Spiro on the Playstation.

• John Fine comes home with the news that they are all going to Disneyland for vacation in two weeks.

• There is some family time and then they sit down to dinner.

• The phone rings

• Bill Sail, the Fine’s neighbor knocks on the door. He want to remind John about the city council meeting next week. They are talking about funding the new park equipment.

Next day, John Fine’s office.

• Fine works for the Cheese Company in town (use Taylor cheese)

• Father Pride stops by to visit with John. Wants to talk about the new park equipment. They discuss the park, the church, John is a Deacon with St. Frances of the wounded soul Catholic Church. The conversation turns to the needs of the community and the poor that St. Frances and Father Pride take care of.

• The conversation turns to the vacation plans of the Fine’s. And then they discuss their favorite Disney movies ending with the Black Cauldron. They laugh about the improbable plot lines and how very odd fairy tales and myths are.

The Weekend

• It’s a sunny winter day. The Fine children are in the back your building a snow fort while John Fine is in the garage (man cave) engaged in his favorite hobby building bird houses. Today he is painting several that resemble the cottages in Disney movies. Betty comes to the back door with a tray full of mugs of hot coco. The kids get their chocolate and she takes a mug to John in his Man Cave.

• As Betty walks to the Garage the shot pans to the outline of the Sausage Factory

• Bill Sail drops by and the three of them discuss the playground, and the vacation and John’s birdhouses.

• Bill and John discuss possible future usages of the Old Sausage Factory and it is decided that John should talk to the owner Thompson Curd about it.

Next Week

• John Fines office. He is on the phone with Thompson Curd. The conversation is about the old Sausage Factory. Thompson wants to unload it and the city wants it to be either used or torn down. Thompson is elderly and unable to visit the property. He asks John to take a walk around and see what the property is like. He will send the key over so John can go inside. He suggests that John take a structural engineer with him. They decide the city engineer will be ok.

• John calls City hall and makes an appointment with Jake Joiner to meet at the Sausage Factory on Friday.

Thursday Evening

• At the Fine home. The family is packing for the Disneyland Trip.

• John calls the limo company that will take them to the airport.

• They will be leaving early Saturday Morning..

• Patty is on her cell phone talking with Paul

• Matt is playing on his DS. Mom Betty reminds him to pack all the games and that he better also pack some underwear reminding him of the vacation last summer when he forgot and they had spent a day looking for a Wal-Mart in Death Valley.

• In the children’s rooms there are posters from the Black Cauldron

• Conversation about leaving Saturday morning. John mentions he will be looking the old sausage factory over in the morning tomorrow.

Friday Morning

• Early morning, Kids and Betty are eating breakfast and getting ready for a day of school and work.

• John kisses them all Good by, then makes a few phone calls and putters around the house

• Door bell rings, Jake Joiner is there. Jake and John go to Thompson Curd’s house for the key to the Sausage Factory.

• There is a brief discussion about the hay day of the factory and they look at some old pictures Thompson has on his study wall of work at the factory.

• The men have some coffee with the old guy and let him reminisce then they take their leave of him

Friday Mid Morning Sausage Factory

• The two men start walking around the Sausage Factory in the Snow. They check for cracks in the foundation and discuss possible uses for the building. The day is overcast now

• As they check the building they hear faint noises. They don’t even comment on them. But as they are walking a noise will startle them. The day gets darker.

Cut to High School

• Patty Fine is a sophomore at Faulksburg High. She is chatting with some friends when her boy friend Paul Mission comes up and drapes his arm possessively across her shoulder.

• Paul is sad that she is leaving him for 2 weeks. She asks him to go with her to the office so she can pick up her assignments for the two weeks she will be gone.

• In the Office, Superintendent Payne grills her about leaving school for two weeks. She is sorry and there is a very unpleasant scene

• Patty caller her mom who calls Mr. Payne.

• The assignments are turned over.

Sausage Factory

• The men are still checking out the outside of the buildings

• John gets a cell phone call from Betty about Mr. Payne and the problems Patty is having.

• John calls the school and is talking with Mr. Payne when he suddenly steps in a hole. It is deep and the phone goes flying – his one leg is thigh high in the hole.

• Jake pulls him out, hands him the phone and with an uncomfortable grunt John finishes his phone call.

• John tell Jake he is fine, just surprised. The day gets a little lighter

• They have completed the outside of the building but they are now cold and decide to get some lunch.

The Coffee Shop

• As they enter the Coffee shop the day is once more sunny.

• They meet towns folks at the coffee shop and the talk turns to the old Sausage Factory.

• Stories are told of how profitable it was, how their relatives worked there and of the three men who were killed there.

• John and Jake take it all in.

• Clarence, an old guy who worked at the sausage factory for years speaks fondly of Thompson Curd. What a great guy he was. When there were families who fell upon hard times he would hire them until they were back on their feet. Then he would find them jobs in other towns, buy their homes if they had one and help them move. Clarence remembered many such families. Thompson Curd was a hero.

• Clarence, who has been to Thompson’s house remembers that many of their pictures were hanging on the wall in his study. That’s how he knew Thompson was proud of what he had done and kept in touch with the families. Thompson was always able to share news about where the families had gone and how well they were doing.

The Sausage Factory

• John and Jake are back at the Sausage Factory. As they drive to the factory the day becomes overcast and dark – ominous

• They open the door and switch on the large torches they have brought with them

• They make their way from what was the front office. Into the changing room.

• When they open the door to the factory floor – hundreds of bats fly at them and they drop to the ground. Nervous laughter.

• They move on into the factory floor. They are now checking for the structure of the building

• There is a large area where the meat was ground and made into sausages. Jake touches one of the large pans he vanishes in bright light

• John is stunned, where is Jake? Lots of calling and looking


• He is outside the Sausage Factory, the sun is shining, the grass is green, flowers are blooming and a family is having a picnic. No sound, just children playing in the grass

3:00 At the Fine home

• Patty and Paul are just walking into the kitchen, It’s their last night together and they want to spend it together. They are in the process of getting a snack when Matt walks in playing his DS.

• John bursts into the kitchen. He tells the kids Jake is missing.

• People start to gather in the Fine kitchen.

• Patty and Paul volunteer to help find Jake, John says no, it’s too dangerous. The adults go to the living room to organize a search party

• Patty and Paul slip out and head for the Sausage Factory. They are sure Jake is just playing a joke.

Sausage Factory

• Patty and Paul enter the office area. It’s exciting and they are sure they will find Jake.

• They stand still and just take in the office, panning their lights around. In a corner they notice some motion.

• They turn to see what moved, there is an open door and they decide to explore in that direction.

• The door leads to a supply closet. The kids notice the floor is clean and not dusty like the office area. Shining their lights around the see a hole in the wall and a dim light .

• The crawl through the hole into an old test kitchen. In the corner there is a woman with 2 children. They know her.

• Mrs. Singleton was crouched in the corner with her daughter Melody and son Josh. Melody was in Patty’s class

• They are sorry but they didn’t have a home any longer and this was the only place they could come and live.

• Patty and Paul fill in the Singletons about Jake being missing.

• They promise not to tell they are living there and will lead the search party away from them.

• They ask the Singletons to keep an eye out for Jake

Fine Living Room

• Betty Fine comes home in a rush. She asks where Patty and Paul are – no one knows

• Patty and Paul come in the door flushed. They tell the group they have been to the Sausage Factory and think they know where Jake is.

• They all leave for the Factory


• There are more families having picnics around Jake. They still don’t talk but more and more of them appear, spread their blankets and set out lunch.

The Sausage Factory

• Paul and Patty lead the search party away from the closet and back into the plant floor.

• They walk around, a cooler door slams

• They stay away from the sausage machine.

• It is 4:30

• Matt walks in with his flashlight, goes into the factory and heads right for the Sausage Machine. He stretches out his hand and is gone in a flash of light

Jake and Matt

• They are surrounded now by families at picnics, we see now that each picnic is serving sausage. The faces of the families are the faces in the pictures in Thompson Curds office

Search Group

• Mrs Singleton has now joined the search group with her children. None of the searchers are aware they are living in the factory.

• Betty Fine rushed in screaming for Matt. She saw him come in

• No one has seen Matt.

• They all move to explore the factory floor. As they near the mixing area, Mrs. Singleton shins her light on the floor where the two disappeared. There is a rubber matt that is deteriorated over a hole in the floor.

• Where does that go is asked.

• There was a trap door here where the bones were dumped into the lower level for shipping.

• When the flash lights are shined into the hole, both Jake and Matt are visible – along with many human skulls of all sized..

• They move to the stairway lead by Mrs. Singleton to the basement and enter into the bone pit where Jake and Matt lay.

• The two were knocked unconscious but are now coming to.

• Someone has called for an ambulance

• The police come with big lights and examine the bone room

• The bones are human –

Last Scene

• The police are taking Thompson Curd to jail

• Clarence is talking with John

• Thompson made his money by grinding the down and out families into sausage. Just like the economy of the time did.